It's 1975 And This Man Is About To Show You The Future
(Scenes From An IBM Slide Presentation)
this is a parody of content stolen directly from:
also i use some NSFW language because it makes me LOL
this is where you
want to be, bitches
you listening?
or do i have to hit you
with a pool cue?
woman dreams
of data
and a haircut
by a professional
information is a series of tubes
it's not a truck. although,
a truck can be useful.
you like this? my kid made this.
i don't know what it means.
who in this room
has ever touched a woman? liar.
aaaaahhhhh! words!
even lower case is scary
i would sit down
if i didn't have this rash.
don't tell my wife
about the new intern!
smiling orange man
is watching you masturbate.
i really
have to pee
like srsly
it's seeping
how bold? this bold.
take that, hippies!
do you think she would look hot
with her hair down?
seriously, speaking of packages...
ah, so *that's* where i left that.
what do you mean - the test is positive?!?
yep, it's positive. gonorrhea and jerpes.
pink man laughs at your misfortunes.
you need all this stuff
to get good ping times
or else i'm going to
pwn j00r A$$$^%!1!
this infographic
in my brain

and in
my pants
neither of these women want
intercourse with me.   i just asked.
then this happens. i blame that chair for my erectile dysfunction
well, where the hell else
would you keep all your datas? silly.
"help me obi-wan kenobi..."
i'm not so sure
about this graphic here. maybe. maybe not.
gonorrhea *and* jerpes??? ROFL
i don't know why, but that guy
smells like peanut butter. and shame.
aaahhh! space-time is
unraveling in neat rectangles!
this o is encircling my groin
for no apparent reason

but i like it

a lot

maybe too much
aw darn, not even neo can fix this now
sometimes i gotta dance!
? wtftw
it's like voting in cuba
in the future, it will take four eggheads
to cybersex one woman. and she'll still be guy.
you were conceived at this party. your mother
was an inexpensive floor lamp.
zomg run!!!
online is right behind you with an ellipsis!
why doesn't rash-boy just go to the doctor?
he got it from
one of these guys... don't ask.
seriously, the words are
startingto get on my nerves.
stop it.
why do old men dream about david berkowitz?
i'm telling you one last time
quit with the friggin words already
who's the new guy?
i hope this rash goes away soon.
i give myself papercuts
to feel something. anything.
nice try,
his doodles look like my wife.
yep, i'm pretty sure
that's her.
that woman once
kneed me in the groin so hard
i saw god.
red man is consumed by self-hatred, due to the racial epithet inherent in his name.
also, he's watching you masturbate.
we need a computer this big to determine
how much juvenile humor is in these captions
we never let her leave. she sleeps
in the corner on a pile of old punch-cards.
seriously, should i ask her out?
maybe she has a thing for grandpas.
the rash
is gone.
now i'm just
showing off
the goods.
with your help,
i might learn how to laugh and love again.
thank you for your attention.
don't let the door hit you
where i wish i'd have bit you.
i hope you enjoyed the hour of my life i wasted on this.